wall decorUsing wall decor for a nursery is a fun and inexpensive way to add personality and style to a room. You may be thinking of placing a piece of decor in the nursery or even in a playroom. In any case, many different options will be available to you.

Wall decor is typically associated with framed artwork. Framed artwork is a great way to detail your walls in a subtle yet simple way. Consider using a drawing or print by an artist, or even a timeless photograph. Affordable prints and photographs are framed and ready to hang both retail and online.

An increasingly popular trend in wall decor is Peel and Stick Wall Decals. The advantages of peeling and gluing wall decals are numerous. Designs come with easy-to-understand application notes and can be attached to almost any wall surface. You do not need a sticky adhesive and when you’re ready for a change, easily remove it without damaging your walls. With digital precision, these decals are tailored to exact specifications. You are offered in so many designs that you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Many stickers can also be personalized.

Another little-used wall decoration is a wall hanging. Wall hangings range in size, design and price. Most focus on a subject and can be personalized very easily. These canvas wall hangings can easily be moved through a room with the help of coordinating ribbons or hardware. These classic designs can be a timeless treasure for your child in the years to come.

If you’re looking for a way to make a big mural and do not know where to start, how about a mural with color by number? Painting by numbers Murals are a great way to participate in the decoration itself. With the ease of painting figures wall mural kits you do not have to be an expert painter. The kits include the pattern, instructions and color guide to make it easy for beginners to work. Patterns are usually arranged around a theme and choices for boys and girls.

Personalized wall paneling is a cute way to add some excitement to your kids room. While not as big as other wall decorations, these wall plates are simply a highlight because they add such a personal touch. Children love to see their name proudly on their walls. These badges are usually very colorful and unique in their design, making them a standout piece in the room. They usually come with an accompanying coordinated band for hanging.

Is there a better way to document your child’s growth over the years than with a customized growth chart? Growth charts are available in a variety of themes and designs. Some are hand-painted original works of art on stretched canvas, others are similar to wall hangings, and still others are available as peel and stick wall decals. Most growth charts can be personalized and will be a cherished memory in the years to come.

Do not forget the timelessness of a classic watch. Watches are both entertaining and educational. They are available in many shapes and sizes for boys and girls. Some even come in the form of a favorite character or favorite item (eg cupcakes). What better way to encourage your child to learn time than on a watch that is all on its own.

Be sure to save space for a beautiful picture frame as a wall accent. With so many designs and themes available in picture frames, you’ll surely find one that fits your decor. Frames can be sold individually or as a set. Another very unique option is a photo badge that combines a picture frame with the sophistication of a blackboard and can be personalized. Picture frames are a very easy way to add a special touch to your kids room.

So, if you’re ready to add new decor to your kid’s bedroom or playroom walls, be sure to consider all the options. There is a world of wall decoration waiting to be explored! [WD]