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If you have a small bathroom, do not worry, we have many ideas for the bathroom. No matter how compact your room is, we have an elegant design that adapts to your needs

Looking for ideas for the bathroom? A small bathroom can be elegant, practical and with the right knowledge, in terms of space. Make a small bathroom infinitely large, with neutral colors that run down the floor, climb the walls and even continue in the bathroom and toilet. This creates a sense of infinite space, rather than dividing the bathroom into separate areas, which can make the room sit in the box.

Remember to add lumens, if possible, to open your bathroom and create a simple and spacious space. The white furniture will help reflect the light in the room, which means you can customize several interesting accessories. Lighting is the key. Turn on the work lights next to the mirrors and darken the options in the niches or behind the bathroom to create drama and mood. Make sure that all luminaires have the correct IP protection for safe use in humid environments.

No need to store a small bathroom and minimalism. If you like vintage style, then go for it. Intelligent storage prevents everything from being overloaded and creates a sense of space and sophistication.

Small bathroom ideas

1. closet wallpaper

One of the best ways to dress a bit of a bath is to create interest, and the incredible wallpaper is perfect for that. If you have a bath or shower in your room (and not in the closet), make sure you have purchased a device designed specifically for bathrooms with humid and warm conditions.

2. buy independent and multifunctional furniture

A limited amount of space should not affect your creative talent. If your bathroom is limited by a small side, remember to use independent furniture that you can move at any time. If you are looking for a seat and a free seat, you can move your route to your liking and, unlike the built-in bathrooms, you can take a single room when you leave the chair.

3. trick the eye with chips

The amount of space you have and what the eye sees is not necessarily the same. Play with the limits of perception, choose the side of your bathroom and the walls with the same design: it makes it difficult to know where everything starts, making your space more tangible. Marble is particularly effective here because it looks almost like a giant leaf and the individual tiles are not very obvious.

4. invest in high level storage

Multilevel cable storage contains luxuriously packaged lotions and practical laundry bags on display and is easy to capture. If space is limited, you can take the support from the bedroom to the bathroom, as needed.

5. add wall blocks

Floating accessories visually maximize space, allowing you to see more terrain and clear the wind. You can always use the area under the closet to store the toiletries in pretty wicker baskets. A palette of white and tonal shades will make your bathroom large and airy, and the integrated wall taps will look minimal and well finished.[AAM]

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