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wall decorWe all need a place where we can just be ourselves and shut the rest of the world. If you have a room in your house, why not consider turning it into your own private den? Most guys love to have their own sanctuary just to rest or catch up on life.

A cave should be an extension of your personality and should not be used to show it to other people. Those close to you should see shadows and splashes of you and your preferences in your cave. So, where do you start?

Disguise the room

First, imagine how you want the room to look. If you already know what type of furniture you would like to have, then deciding on the color of your walls as well as other unique wall decoration ideas will be a lot easier. A boy’s room should be a well-balanced mix of personality and masculinity. Painting each wall in different shades that blend well into each other is a great way to give the room a bright, cheeky look.
Walls with wood panels and textured flooring go well together, and if you prefer carpets, then match the carpet shade to the wall paint. If your furniture has a dark color, it is better if you have bright umbrellas on the wall or the room looks too conspicuous.
The furniture that you place in the room depends on how you want to use the room. A computer desk, a chair, and a bookshelf are perfect for creating a study. A few beanbags, comfortable sofas, a small coffee table and a few shelves or cabinets complete the space. That way, you do not have enough storage space and entertaining friends are no problem
Empty walls make a room look blank so you have original and interesting wall decor ideas. For example, imagine setting up a few home accessories such as metal wall hangings, paintings or even a wine rack.
Ideally, the lighting in the room should be neither too dark nor too bright. Simple sconces will serve the purpose. Lamps can also improve the look of a place. Lava lamps, UFO lamps, lamps with patterns and themed wallpaper lamps with a beach or sports theme will look just as good.

Add your personal touch

Now comes the fun part! After the basic interior is finished, it’s time to decide on the topic.

If you love golf, opt for murals with gold patterns and a matching green carpet on the floor. A few trophies, golf books, framed golf player posters, a racket display on the wall, and even golf-inspired upholstery complete the look.
If sailing is your passion, how about a nautical theme for the space? You can opt for light blue wallpaper or use blue-green, white or deep blue wall paint for a vibrant look. Framed pictures of the sea or a world map on the wall, a painted rug in the shape of a sailboat and light, draped curtains give the impression of being at sea. Pillows, pillows and lamps can also have nautical themes. Low furniture, a bench under a window and even an aquarium complete the theme.

For a sportier look, opt for a football themed room. You can decorate the room in the colors of your favorite team and show various memorabilia of your team. Choose a neutral wall paint or place a wallpaper with your team logo on a wall. Clocks, boards, posters, screens, and even wall sconces with individual players or the team can brighten the room. Complement your creativity with football-like cushions or upholstery with black-and-white patterns and rugs cut out in the shape of a football.
Add more personal touch to your space if you think a theme could limit your creativity. How about hanging movie posters, framed certificates, some picture frames, and one or two paintings on the walls? Figures of movie characters, assembled kits, and traveling souvenirs will look great on wall shelves, on your desk, or on a bookshelf.

If you have a favorite sport, here are some additional wall decoration ideas:

Display your Base Ball Kit, hang your favorite bat on the wall, hold your pair of skates in a corner of the room, or hang a basketball basket against a blank wall.
Also, consider keeping a small liquor cabinet and mini-fridge if you plan to entertain your friends and maybe some business associates.

Now that your private den is ready, you’re ready to sit back and spend some time with yourself and have a cozy place to invite your friends for a few pops and some nice people having fun laughing.

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