Comparison of Automatic Knife Sharpener Microtome and Knife Sharpener Robot

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Todays have emerged a new breakthrough of an automatic knife sharpener. This utility appears in a robot form. People do not need to use their hands anymore when sharping their blades. Leave the knife inside of the machine; after minutes you will be surprised finding it’s perfectly sharper. Knife Robot Auto Sharp is a leading innovative technology of sharpening on earth.

Automatic Knife Sharpener Microtome

Currently, Knife robot’s mechanization has two applications: a portable variant for public consumers and for chefs is Kitchen built-in version. The similarity between them is both have the same storage for knives collection. The built in is not bigger as the portable, it’s really recommended for busy chefs. The knives are automatically pointed and sharped based on acceptance.

How does the robot work? It’s quite simple. It’s potential to be the easiest automatic knife sharpener. People who want to use it only put their knife into the knife holder and select motor speed, belt pressure, and custom angle. After that, the robot will do the rest. Next, this device will produce a reliable border in five minutes with 40º inclusive corner.

According to Knife Sharpener Stone, An automatic knife sharpener microtome uses an accurate, efficient, safe and convenient method in sharpening, especially for Microtome Blade which has length up to 140 mms. This technology comes with an automatic timer for up to 1 hour. To adjust the sharpening time, the edges of the blades are decoded for maximum sharpness. This tool is protected by a transparent plex glass. It covers that encloses the entire mechanism of the tool and offers a secure and grit free dust free sharpening action. Knife moves on high-frequency glass counter. After three precise scratches on one side with the blade edge, cam followers automatically reverse the blade and apply sweeping on the other sides.

The average of the knife-edge adjustment angle of this microtome device is 20℃ – 45℃. The weight is also heavier than the robot device; it’s about 52kgs with 570 x 500 x 420 mm sizes.

Comparing the prices, the microtome device’s price is around $100.00 up to $500.00 while the robot device is $400.00 until $600.00 it depends on the types and brands. The difference of the prices is quite significant, the benefit that the customers get also dissimilar. Knife robot sharpener is more effective and safe then the sharpeners that use microtome technology. As the result, the auto knife robot sharpener is better than an automatic knife sharpener microtome. (RFA)

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